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workpoints is

a web-based behaviour platform designed to energise and engage your employees

Some key features

Peer recognition

motivates employees and encourages collaboration.

Employees can reward each other for helping out, or simply by making a noteworthy contribution in any facet of professional life.

Customised activity recognition

motivates employees and encourages collaboration.

Everyday tasks and projects can be rewarded. Activities can be set up to work in different ways - from simple, direct awards to complex, chained sequences of conditions and limits.

Social timeline and micro reports

keep everyone aware of the current state of affairs throughout the system and contributes to motivation.

Snippets of information are spread around the system, with metrics at a glance and feedback within context.


encourages extra effort through friendly competition.

A gamified ordering of the leading individuals indicates their standing in different aspects of work life. It also shows each employee their own position and how to reach the top.

Full online store

to shop using the workpoints currency.

The store contains a host of retail partners. Employees can spend their points in exchange for instant monetary vouchers. These vouchers get delivered electronically and can be redeemed at the partner outlets.


are additional features that you turn on as you need them.

Extra features have been turned into an app ecosystem. These can be added to workpoints on demand. More apps will be added to the app store as they become available.


encourage teamwork and ensure that everyone gets rewarded fairly.

Employees can be segmented into different contextual groups, divisions or teams. Activities can be set up in relation to these groups in order to reward accordingly.

Motivated people

do exceptional things


your employees and increase job satisfaction


achievable objectives for everyone


customized behaviour for each individual


each person fairly and encourage peer recognition across all levels of your organisation


and optimise performance based on predetermined targets


your organisational culture and instill your values


and retain top talent

So much more

To take your business to the next level, you need more than just a software system

Along with workpoints, we provide in-depth behavioral specialist consulting that goes hand-in-hand with our state-of-the-art technology

Every business has unique needs.
Our specialists will tailor workpoints to suit your organisation

Our value-added services

As part of our holistic approach, we have created valuable tools that we use to help you become exceptional

The Encentivize Engagement Survey

We created a 19 question engagement survey to track our progress. We use the survey to assess your employees work engagement levels upfront and again 6 months into the process

5 Step Change Management Model

Our specialist team has put together a 5 step Change Management Model to help you along your way. We’ll make sure that workpoints lives up to its full potential within your organisation

Budget Calculator

We know that establishing a rewards budget can often be a daunting task. With our effective budget calculator, you will be able to determine an accurate budget upfront in a few simple steps

Get exceptional

There is no team too small or corporation too complex to benefit from workpoints



up to 10 people

You are a startup focusing on launching your business, or a small team looking to stand out


per person


per month

up to 50 people

You are a small business, and need to take it to the next level


per person


per month

up to 250 people

You are a growing enterprise, ready to disrupt the status quo


per person


per month

up to 1000 people

You are a larger company, wanting to know the star faces in your crowd


per person


per month

more than 1000 people

You are a large corporation, with complex HR structures and needs

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Our online store

Exceptional Rewards

workpoints offers an online store with the biggest brands in South Africa, ranging from lifestyle to electronics to clothing and travel

More variety

Our network of retailers is continually growing and new offerings automatically get added to your rewards store, free of charge

True value

Once your employees earn workpoints they can redeem these for the full value of items rather than promotional percentages or conditional discounts

Look out for these great brands

Some of our engaged clients

Our dynamic approach and skill in analysing, shaping and recognising behaviour has earned their trust

We would be happy to discuss some of our case studies that illustrate the journey our clients have had with workpoints

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